The educational project  


Who are we?

La Vincenziana Foundation,  continues its mission, started by Cardinal Schuster on the 11th of May 1934, that invested it with the “essential goal to spiritually assist the young workers with no family in Milan. After that with the 10th of March 1980 decree, Card. Martini changed the statute giving the foundation the “purpose of cult and religion and it puts itself forward to promote the religious and moral education of students and workers, in addition to spiritual and material help to the aforementioned people, to be fulfilled also with hospitality”. As the cultural and historic background has now changed, together with the needs of young people arriving in Milan, the focus has shifted towards university students. 

The Mission

With our colleges we want to promote hospitality and guidance towards off-site students. We wish for the life in the college, whilst respecting the personal feelings and stories, to be an environment in which people can grow according to Christian values, an environment that promotes cultural and civil enrichment together with instilling a sense of responsibility.

The educational assortment defines the guidance for the work in the colleges and it is meant for the students, teaching bodies (directors, spiritual assistants, lecturers) and collaborators, for everyone’s specific responsibility and skills.

The goals

 Personal Responsibility

With the College experience, we want to create a community animated by a culture of personal responsibility, able to create free will, conscious and respectful of the different personalities. This is why we consider crucial following the rules, acceptance and voluntary adoption of limits and mutual obligations, as well as taking personal and group responsibility for the common good.  

Cultural liveliness

We think of the College as a setting culturally lively and stimulating, helping people to thrive using the knowledge acquired. This cultural liveliness is based on a thirst for knowledge. A desire manifested by personal initiative, curiosity, ability to think, originality and autonomy in making decision. A place that is culturally lively stimulates and helps maintaining a commitment to study, together with determination and force of will to successfully bring it to the end of the line.  

A search for spirituality

We are convinced that having a spiritual self gives sense and meaning to life, and that belongs to each and every person. With the individual and college wide debate our goal is to develop this idea and to promote the concept that by allowing our spiritual side to grow we make our humanity more complete.

Getting in touch with our spiritual self represents our desire to listen to our most intimate part, the place where we can meet ourselves. All the existential questions we can’t ignore reside in this hidden place. Make the desire to find answers to those is what the community we want to create takes care of.

The expression of our faith

The relationship that guides us in searching for the meaning of life and the knowledge of the mistery of our existence, from an evangelical point of view, is the one with Jesus of Nazareth, the true way we meet God.   

 The methodology

We aim to achieve our goals defining our College style by: 

  • Favouring mutual encouragement and effective help to study;
  • promoting debate and dialogue, both individual and global;
  • following the rules of the college, the common framework of communication, collaboration and reciprocal enhancement;
  • encouraging people to take charge of responsibilities and duties for the collective good, becoming progressively positive and critical contributors to the life in the college;
  • offering moments of comfort and debate with peers from the cultural, political, social, artistic and scientific world; 
  • asking for moment of self-evaluation during interview and discussion with the board, with them being part of an accompanying path that does not exclude action;  
  • suggesting a free and peaceful rapport with the spiritual assistant.  

The tools

To realise the project, each college of the foundation choose its own tools that better express its own identity.